Latinas Leading the Way at Qualcomm - #LatinaGeeks™


Latinas Leading the Way at Qualcomm

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Qualcomm to deliver a dynamic and engaging panel featuring three inspiring technology professionals! Our panelists varied in educational background, roles, and career stages to give our attendees the opportunity to hear unique stories. During the panel, our panelists made it clear that career trajectories are not linear and vary from individual to individual. We are so thankful for our panelists sharing en comunidad with our members. It is so important to tell our stories to others! You never know who you are inspiring.  

“Opportunities came my way and I didn’t have a lot of time to decide whether or not to take them…  I took a leap of faith” – Maritza Borunda 

Our panelists included Nery Lara, a software engineer of less than 2 years at Qualcomm that spoke about transitioning from college into her first full-time role in tech. Natasha Figueroa, an IT Security Engineer who has grown up in the Qualcomm familyshared her experiences of being self-taught and transitioning into a technology role within the same company. We also heard from Maritza Borunda, an Engineering Development Manager who spoke about her journey into the tech industry and navigating her various leadership roles as a Latina.   

“Speak if you feel like you deserve more” – Natasha Figueroa 

All of our panelists shared such great insights on the various ways they have navigated their career experiences. They all expressed the importance of finding and being great mentors, taking time to care for yourself, and being your own advocate as you look to advance in your career.  

“As long as I’m learning something new, I’m happy” – Nery Lara

Thank you to everyone who joined us live and sent over great questions for our panelists!  

“Do not feel guilty about not being able to do everything yourself. Ask for help” – Maritza Borunda 

Special thanks to Qualcomm for sponsoring this event! Kameron Drawhorn, Talent Acquistion Specialist, spoke on behalf of Qualcomm and shared Qualcomm’s commitment to empower and inspire professionals from diverse communities. He shared how the company has been integral in navigating our virtual reality during the pandemic and stressed need for the current complex problems to be looked at from all angles and by a diverse set of individuals. This is where true innovation and problem solving is createdWe are excited to continue working with Qualcomm this year to bring more opportunities and events to our members.