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#LatinaGeeks Learn to Code Java with Microsoft

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Microsoft on Wednesday, July 27th for a Java with Microsoft workshop, which taught our participants basic principles of Java coding through a fun game.    

With over 80,000 active job listings, Java was named the #1 in demand coding language by CodingDojo for 2022. Mercer|Mettl also named Java as one of the top 5 “Hottest Technology Skills” and Java Developers as the most in demand role in Technology in their “2022 Tech Skills & Trends Report”. #LatinaGeeks is dedicated to helping our members develop key technology skills for today’s market through partnerships with companies like Microsoft.  

Our instructors were amazing Latinas in STEM interning at Microsoft:  

Our instructors defined Java as a “multi-platform, general-purposed, object-oriented programming language” which means: 

  • It can be used on multiple operating systems 
  • It has a variety of uses from web applications to games and mobile apps. 
  • It uses the idea of objects to represent data and everything that happens within the code will be the result of the interaction between the objects 

In order to demonstrate some basic Java syntax and concepts, our instructors walked through step-by-step development of a Dice Game with the following goals: 

  • Welcome the player to the game with a message 
  • Ask the player how many times they want to roll their dice 
  • Roll the dice for the player for the number of turns specified and print it out 
  • Total the player’s score including bonus points 
  • Finish with a thank you message 

Through the development of the Dice project, attendees were able to learn about Classes, Variables, Conditionals, and Loops! They were able to combine all of these concepts to accomplish their goal of creating the Dice Game.  

The Microsoft team also shared additional resources to continue learning Java:  



Special thanks to the instructors and Nina Sui for the wonderful partnership and support from Microsoft! 

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