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Learn to Rock Your Next Interview

#LatinaGeeks partnered with SoCalGas on April 13th for an interactive workshop “Learn to Rock your Next Interview.”

Shakeh Kalantarmoradian and Evelyn Le, participants in the SoCalGas and SDG&E IT Associate and Internship Program provided guidance and resume building as well as helpful interviewing tips to be ready for a job application process.  Attendees were given insight into what makes a resume stand out and got the chance to practice running through sample interview questions using the SHARE model.

The team shared important tips about resumes:

  • It is the first thing hiring managers see. It is a reflection of you! 
  • Be specific on your resume with projects and results 
  • Match your qualifications with what is specified in the job description.
  • Include keywords from the job description in your own resume  

Some other key takeaways included:

  • Be specific and give examples and outcomes 
  • Be authentic and show your true self 
  • Be transparent with your responses – let interviewers know more about you 

Participants also had the opportunity to practice answering interview questions and prompts and receive feedback from instructors and other attendees.

The SDG&E Team spoke about their IT Associate Program, which is a three 9-month rotation-based program where associates are full-time employees and receive practical on-the-job training in areas of their interest. 

Check out these resources for SDG&E’s IT Associate and Internship Program:  

  • The link includes a video on resume and interview tips! 

Special thanks to our instructors and sponsors for the wonderful partnership and support from SoCalGas & SDG&E! 

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