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Demystifying AI & Machine Learning

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Intuit on Thursday, January 26th, for a “Demystifying AI & Machine Learning” discussion.  Technology representatives from Intuit presented industry insights, their experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, how it drives innovation, and advice for women looking to start a career in this field. 

The session provided attendees with in-depth knowledge of AI and ML and why it’s needed in technology today. The panelists also shared their individual experiences in this profession and stories of how AI and ML have helped them forge ahead in their careers.    

Our Intuit speakers and facilitators come from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of expertise:   


Some key takeaways from the panel include:   

  • To prove the value of AI and Machine Learning in the workplace, use data and visuals to make a case for the technology. Then, put it into production by running A/B tests, so it’s influencing customer behavior.   
  • AI is a fast-moving field; it changes all the time and can be overwhelming. But keeping up with new technology like this is essential.   
  • Place yourself in the right environment to make a career shift in tech with potential growth potential, and build a network that can help you transition.   
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there or start something new. Get practice talking about what you know; the confidence will follow.   
  • No matter what stage you’re in your career, follow your passion. If you are passionate about working in AI or ML, nothing works better than getting your hands dirty and solving problems. Practice makes perfect.   
  • AI is a great tool to be more efficient, but the “human perspective” is always needed and appreciated.   

Some resources to help you get started in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:   


 Resources and Information about careers at Intuit: 


Special thanks to our partners at Intuit for facilitating this educational program; full webinar recording can be found here: Demystifying AI & Machine Learning 


Hear what our community had to say about the event:    

  • It was very nice and I really like to see smart, humble women succeed. 
  • I was curious to learn more about AI ML 
  • I enjoyed learning and meeting new people and hearing their stories.