Testimonials Archive - #LatinaGeeks™

Hilda Osuna

I joined #LatinaGeeks about a year ago I honestly can’t image my life without it. I initially joined because I wanted to transition into the tech world and wanted to learn from their hands-on workshops – but I got so much more than what I expected. ...

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Lizette Echeverria

#LatinaGeeks hands-on workshops I loved it! As someone who didn’t even know what HTML, CSS, or JavaScript really even meant, to begin with, this was an awesome intro to the subjects and got me more interested in coding!...

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Maria Duarte

Pursuing a new career in technology I thought the event ran smoothly and was a big success. I told all my friends about it and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn another skill and open the door to possible new career paths. Thank you!!...

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