Featured Geek: Remy Meraz on Breaking through Fear at 40

Founder of Me Tyme Network shares her entrepreneurial journey and how being a female founder over 40 inspires other women

Remy Meraz founder of Me Tyme Network
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Remy Meraz is the Founder and CEO of Me Tyme Network Inc.™, an online self-help marketplace featuring industry experts in snackable on demand video content designed to improve emotional intelligence, health, and wellness. Ms. Meraz has a 25-year sales and marketing career that spans across a variety of industries including airlines, media, entertainment, advertising, and clean energy where she has generated over $20M in revenues and multi-millions in impressions.

The concept for Me Tyme Network was born from observing continuous challenges plaguing underserved communities and small to mid-size businesses related to emotional well-being, stigma, and access to mental health resources.

What inspired you to create Me Tyme Network?

Everyone for the most part wants the same thing… happiness, love, success. Over the years I noticed that fear, shame, or cultural beliefs, coupled with a lack of resources (i.e. health insurance or money) often prevents people from seeking the help they need to achieve those things. As a result, people get stuck in a rut or worse head down the path of self-destruction and perpetuate generational cycles of behavior. There’s a belief in certain multicultural communities that therapy and personal development is only accessible for rich white people or it doesn’t work. I want to change that.

What does being a Latina in tech (#LatinaGeeks) mean to you?

Being a Latina in tech means being a role model and trailblazer on many levels.

First, as a visionary with a big idea, I get geeked with excitement that technology is allowing the idea to come to life and help people globally. And it’s already happening. A few months ago, I got an email from a Sudanese refugee in Kenya who shared how our videos are helping him deal with the traumas of war that brought me to tears. Then I almost fainted from excitement that our videos were being watched in Kenya! This is just the beginning so imagine when we are operating at full speed!

As a female founder, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to break glass ceilings, walls, doors, and whatever else is in our way to change the very disturbing statistic that less than HALF of 1% of Latinas receive venture capital. It makes zero sense to me, especially when we start businesses faster than any other demographic. Changing this statistic ultimately means the ability for us to create jobs and opportunities for others in our community. It’s about taking control of our destiny and creating our own upward mobility.

As a mother, it’s about being a role model to my daughter and nieces, demonstrating that whatever you dream you can achieve.

And finally, as a former corporate employee, showing women over 40 who may be wearing ‘golden handcuffs’ and afraid to make career changes, demonstrating that it’s NEVER too late to go for your dream. You CAN start over at ground zero. If you have the will, there is always a way.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve overcome to date in your entrepreneurial journey?

Oh, gosh where do I start. On the business side, besides producing 200 videos and building a winning team of superstars with zero budget, getting over the learning curve of building a tech company without having a technical background and learning investor speak and the art of pitching investors would be next on the list. On the personal side, it was a double whammy. I got laid off from a great job with a great paycheck that was part of the bootstrapping plan AND I went through a divorce. It was a very painful and scary place to be in. I watched a lot of our videos and worked with a few of our gurus to help me get through it. All the above slowed us down, but the most important thing was I didn’t give up. There are so many blessings and gifts that came from those experiences. Now I can see why it was all necessary.

What is some advice you would give to other women to overcome these obstacles?

Things are going to happen, shitty things. You cannot let those things take you out emotionally. You are going to have to make sacrifices in your personal life. It’s imperative you get clear on what you’re willing to live without temporarily. You are going to make mistakes. Learn fast. Fail quickly. Move on. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I received from one of our gurus, “the company you keep is the energy you keep.” It is imperative you surround yourself with a strong support system of likeminded individuals who believe in you and with people smarter than you, especially in the areas you are weak.

What inspires you?

Right now, two things. Other female founders, especially those in tech. It’s like the Amazonians from Wonder Woman. You feel like you are part of a tribe fighting the good fight together. There’s a sisterhood that develops from going through similar experiences. Also, our viewers. When they share specific incidents in how our experts helped them overcome or approach a situation differently…that is EVERYTHING to me. It’s been the fuel for my fire on the tough days.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way? 

I’ve learned that not everyone is wired like me when it comes to passion, drive, and commitment, so I’ve had to learn to manage and adjust my expectations accordingly. Practicing self-care is critical to your success. People are going to disappoint you. You are going to make mistakes. Forgive them and yourself. Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Don’t waste it wallowing in should’ve and could’ve. Think of entrepreneurship as a football game and you need to keep moving the ball forward. Some weeks you may only get inches, other weeks it may be yards. Think of milestones as touchdowns. If you are moving the ball forward and marching down the field towards the goal line, it’s all good!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get clear on your values immediately, trust your intuition, and stop avoiding shit you don’t like to do.

What’s the strongest skill female entrepreneurs need to nurture to thrive?

Trusting our intuition. There’s a great book called Shakti Leadership. It teaches you how to embrace the best of the feminine and masculine traits we all have within us and how to lead from that perspective.

Who is your hero and why?

Oprah because she taught me how standing in your truth no matter what that is – good, bad, or ugly leads to emotional freedom. And once you have that freedom, you can connect to your passion and purpose. And when you find your purpose, the reason why you were born, EVERYTHING changes! You will feel unstoppable. Every day feels like Christmas morning, even the tough days.

Can you share a life changing / shifting moment that got you to where you are today?

There are so many but as it relates to Me Tyme, it’s the day I broke through my fear of being an entrepreneur. I’ve always had ideas and entrepreneurial spirit but I lacked the confidence to go for it and make them happen. It was really the belief in myself. I was always focused on what I wasn’t good at or what I didn’t have instead of my strengths, capabilities, and achievements. My entire career (20 years) had been in sales, marketing, or business development working for small and large corporations. That moment, when I realized I had been generating millions of dollars for other people, it was like I had been zapped with a lightning bolt of confidence. I said out loud, “Remy, if you can generate millions of dollars for other people and their ideas, why the hell wouldn’t you be able to do it for yourself?” Literally, I kid you not, the very next day, the concept for Me Tyme came to me. It was almost like I needed the breakthrough to happen, to clear the emotional block in my brain, to make room for the idea. Again, another element of what’s possible when you have emotional freedom

What are you looking for help with today? How can we help you achieve what you want?

We need help finding an early stage angel investor who believes in emotional wellness and corporate beta clients with 100 employees or more to test our platform.

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