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Latinas Learn JavaScript with Intuit

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Intuit on Thursday, August 26th to present an enriching virtual opportunity for Latinas to learn JavaScript. ...

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Top Tech Jobs for Latinas in 2021

As the technology sector experiences massive growth, new jobs are added constantly across different departments and companies. For women planning to transition into tech, there is no better time than now to explore a potential career shift....

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The Power of Data Science

Data reigns supreme in today’s technology-driven world. From business plans to public health and safety measures, we rely on numbers to help us make informed decisions....

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Earn an Industry-Recognized Microsoft Certification at a Reduced Cost

  Amigas, Microsoft recently launched a new program that will allow you to earn an industry-recognized Microsoft certification at a reduced cost until March 31, 2021. But you must act pretty fast as we are soon approaching the end of 2020. For a limited time, Microsoft is helping those who…...

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How a Professional Certificate Can Advance Your Career 

A professional certificate does more than just spruce up your resume. It also gives you the confidence and clarity you need as you move forward in your career....

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Breaking Into the Field of Computer Forensics

Smartphones. The Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. It’s the Golden Age for computer science geeks, the data-obsessed, and tech nerds of the world. You’re alive in a time when your knowledge and passion for all things tech aligns perfectly with fields like computer forensics....

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